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Sau 7 môn học dạy đủ các thể loại tuổi tác và kỹ năng, cuối cùng mình cũng lấy được cái bằng Diploma TESOL. Thực sự cái quãng thời gian sáng học lý thuyết chiều đem ra trải nghiệm thực tiễn đã...

Trải nghiệm của thầy giáo trẻ điển trai !

When I started this TESOL course, I felt worried an wasn’t use if I could do it, but it wasn’t like I thought, because theTeacher is friendly and made me feel excited in the class. During the...

Phạm Thu Hoài

There are a lot of activities which makes you never feel bored. The trainer is very helpful and did an excellent job on pointing out important points and what is necessary in lesson...


Taking part in this course really makes me excited!!! I realized I'm more than I am. Thanks Trainer for helping me more confident. With LOVE! I feel more confident in teaching; It's really...

Đỗ Thị Quỳnh

These courses have been very useful and beneficial for all the teachers to be more qualified with a lot of teaching ideas and new methodology as English is a very important subject at KOTO...

Phan Hồng Hạnh

"This course is really interesting and valuable for me. Thanks to trainer Warren, I can know more about several techniques and how to create an environment in a class. Teacher is funny, cute so it...

Phan Thùy Linh

Thank you very much for your great contribution to the success of the training program in Da Nang. In the final survey, everyone voted for the TESOL Viet Nam presentation and YOU have made the...

Dr Nguyễn Ngọc Hùng, MOET


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